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The NETx Server provides a clustering module to integrates data points from alien OPC DA servers through the OPC DA protocol. Select the data points to be synchronized with this server with the discovery tool, the Cluster Explorer.

Shut down the server and select the menu item Cluster / Start Explorer ... within the Studio.

This will start the Cluster Explorer. To add a new server definition, click the Add icon . The Server Definition window will show up. 


An OPC Server can be running either locally on the same PC or on a remote PC. Integration of a local OPC server can be done without further preparation. To access a remote OPC Server make sure to go through the DCOM configuration as explained in detail in this document.

In the Server Definition window, provide the server name and choose type OPC DataAccess. Click the Refresh OPC List button to refresh the drop-down list holding available program IDs.

NameName of the cluster server definition.
TypeServer type. Can be OPC DataAccess or VNET.
HostnameThe hostname or IP. Leave this field empty for a local connection.
Program IDOPC Server ID. Refresh OPC List will update the list.

(optional) Verbal description of the connection.

Click Ok and the server connection will appear in the Cluster Explorer window. Now data points from the OPC Server can be imported into the server: Click the Explore Items of Cluster Server  icon of the selected server.

The Cluster Item Manager window will appear with the list of all OPC Server's items. Individually select with the mouse or use the Select all button to choose the desire item(s) and press Ok.

Afterwards, in Cluster Explorer click Ok and confirm to save the changes.

Then start the Core Server. In the item tree the Cluster branch contains the configured server connections and their respective data points. These data points are two-ways synchronized with their source server.

Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
  • NETx Multi Protocol Server
  • NETx BMS Server 2.0

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