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Often customers need the same visualization for many clients, e.g. for each guest room in a hotel. The BMS Server allows client-specific mapping of a visualization project's datapoints.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open the visualization project in the BMS Client Editor.
  2. Save the list of items in the project using Workspace / Export Items to CSV.
    This file is comprised by 2 columns, the source and destination names if the used items.
  3. For each client: 
    1. Make a copy of the file (from now on referred as item link file) and edit the destination names as required (e.g. set the correct KNXnet/IP gateway address).
    2. In the BMS Server, create a new client definition. Set the item link file of the previous step.
  4. The BMS Webserver will now replace the used items according to the configured item link file. By that you can reuse a single visualization project in multiple BMS visualization clients.


Ch. New BMS Client Definition of the BMS Server documentation contains further information of BMS Client definitions.