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When a BMS Platform System is updated to version 4.1.2000 or higher the database has to be migrated. The database migration is initiated when the server starts the workspace and the database migration has not been done, yet.

Depending on the size of the database the migration process can take up to hours. During this time a login to the Web Manager is not possible.

When trying to login in the Web Manager a message is shown:

Migration status

To check the status of the database migration open BMS Core Studio and locate the NETx\Server\Database\MigrationStatus item in the item tree.

0UnknownMigration status is unknown
1NotRequiredMigration is not required (due to missing source database for example)
2InProgressMigration is currently in progress
3CompletedMigration has been successfully completed
4FailedMigration has failed

In case the migration failed, the Web Manager will show a message in the status bar:

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