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This XLogic command can be used to realized a delayed off function with retriggering.


This command implements the following functionality: if a rising edge of a Boolean input is detected, ethe output shall be set to true. After a defined delay, the output shall be set to false again. If the output is currently set to true and another rising edge at the input is detected, the time delay for setting the output to false shall be reset. In order to work properly this XCommand needs to be called periodically (i.e. Input Type is Timer and Input).


  • Input (ItemID): this is the item ID that specifies the input that shall be monitored.


  • Output (ItemID): this is the item ID that specifies the output where the result shall be written.


  • Delay (number): this parameter specifies the delay in seconds.

Possible trigger types

  • Timer and Input

Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0


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