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This command provides the functionality of standard KNX scene. Based on a 1 byte scene number, data point values can be stored and replayed within the scene.


KNX communication objects that are used for scene control have a size of 1 byte (e.g. DPT_SceneControl). For each scene object 64 different scences are available. A value between 0 and 63 is used to replay the values of a scene. A value between 128 and 191 is used to store the current values of all data points that belong the scene where X = scene number + 128 (e.g. a value of 130 is used to stored the values of scene 2).

All scene values that stored as persistent values within the NETx BMS Server and thus available also after restarting the server.

To predefine scene values, use KNX_Set_Scene.


  • Scene (ItemID): This input item is used to trigger the scene. A value between 0 ... 63 is used to replay the values of a scene and a value between 128 ... 191 is used to stored of values of a scene.


  • Scene_Datapoint1 (ItemID): Item ID of scene member 1.
  • Scene_Datapoint2 (ItemID, optional): Item ID of scene member 2.
  • ...
  • Scene_Datapoint8 (ItemID, optional): Item ID of scene member 3.


  • Scene_Name(String): This name is used to identify the persistent values of scene. Please ensure that the scene name is different for each scene.


Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0