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This XLogic command can be used to set predefined values of KNX scene that is implemented by KNX_Scene.


By specifying the scene number, number as well as ItemIDs and values, values for a KNX scene can be predefined. This functionality is similar to specify scene values via ETS parameters.


  • Trigger (ItemID, optional): If used, this Server Item can be used to trigger the setting of the values. 


  • Scene_Datapoint1 (ItemID): Item ID of scene member 1.
  • Scene_Datapoint2 (ItemID, optional): Item ID of scene member 2.
  • ...
  • Scene_Datapoint8 (ItemID, optional): Item ID of scene member 3.


  • Scene_Name (String): this name is used to identify the scene. 
  • Scene_Number (Number): this parameter specifies the scene number for which the values shall be stored.
  • Datapoint1_Value (Any): value for scene member 1.
  • Datapoint2_Value (Any, optional): value for scene member 2.
  • ...
  • Datapoint8_Value (Any, optional): value for scene member 8.


Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0