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Used to limit an item value and to send an e mail if the value is outisde the specified boundary.


This logic can be used to limit an item value to a minimum and maximum boundary. The minimum and maximum value can be defined by the user. Additionally it is possible to define an email address where the user is notified when the input value is outside the upper or lower boundary. The value can also be written to an output item, when the value is inside the defined value range. The user has to specify the minimum and maximum value which defines the range in which the input values are accepted. The definition of the example provides additionally two optional parameter. First an output item can be defined, where correct values are forwarded too. Second it is possible to specify an email address, to inform the user about values of the item which are outside the defined range.


  • Input_Item_1 (ItemID): source Item that shall be monitored


  • Output_Item_1 (ItemID, optional): output item where the value is forwarded if it is inside the limits


  • Parameter_min (number): lower limit
  • Parameter_max (number): upper limit
  • Parameter_email (string, optional): if this parameter is used, an e mail is send to this e mail address if the value is outside the limits. 

Possible trigger types

  • All

Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0


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