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This XCommand implements an 8-fold multiplexer.


Depending on a pivot input the command sets the output to the value of another input or to a constant value. E.g., if the Pivot value is 1 the command writes the ConstantValue1 (if used) to the output or Input1 otherwise.


  • Pivot (ItemID): The item that decides which Input or ConstValue should be set in the Output.
  • Input1 - 8 (ItemID, optional): ItemIDs of multiplexer inputs to be used according to the Pivotinput.


  • Output (ItemID): The itemID that will hold the result.


  • ConstValue1 - 8 (Any, optional): Constant values to be used according to the Pivot input. If used, the respective input is not used.

Possible trigger types

  • any

Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0


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