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Is it possible to export a subset of all KNX group addresses only?

The answer of this questions is No. The NETx BMS App Secure exports all KNX group addresses that are linked to at least one KNX device. However, within the BMS Core Studio, it is possible to deactivate the KNX group addresses that are not needed within your project.

The following example will explain how to comment unnecessary group addresses. 

  1. After importing the ETS project to the BMS Core studio, in KNX>KNX telegram definitions, a list of all imported telegrams can be seen there. 

  2. The unneeded Telegrams related to the Gateway can be deleted form the KNX telegram definitions list. Usually telegram's List is sorted by "KNX gateway name" filed, if not, one mouse click on the filed name "KNX gateway name" will resort the list. Telegrams will be sorted related to the Gateway name, the same Gateway name in KNX gateway definitions, in this example "Demo Case Small Room 102 Router". Related Telegrams should be also commented, but only the ones related to the commented Gateway "Demo Case Small Room 102 Router".  
    Select the Telegrams either by mouse or If you want to select more than one item and the items , use the Shift key to quickly select the entire group of telegrams. Click the first item in the section you want to select to highlight it. Scroll to the last item in the section, hold down the "Shift" key and click the item. Shift-Click selects the first item, last item and all items in between. Use the Ctrl key to select additional items outside of the consecutive group, then release Shift-key and with mouse Right-Click > "Delete".


    Unneeded Telegrams must not be deleted, otherwise re-importing an updated version of ETS project to BMS Core studio will restore those telegrams.

  3. Then, in BMS Core studio, press Save all icon from the top-left toolbar  to save all changes and restart server. After restart changes should take a place and commented Gateway will not show up in the Item Tree. 

Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
  • NETx Multi Protocol Server
  • NETx BMS Server 2.0

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