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The NETx LaMPS Module is an extension to the NETx BMS Platform that has the aim to make the management of lighting control systems much easier.

It consists of two parts:

  • The first one provides general functionality for monitoring lighting circuits. It is possible to monitor the operating hours, and define thresholds for triggering alarms. In addition it provides an approximation of energy and power consumption in case there is no smart meter is available. More information can be found here.
  • The second part is dedicated to the management of DALI gateways and their devices. The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) protocol is an application specific technology that is dedicated to lighting systems. Since it is a pure field level protocol without enhanced management features, it is integrated into other building automation technologies. The most important and most commonly used system for this integration purpose is KNX. So called KNX/DALI gateways are providing interfaces between the DALI devices and the KNX network. In addition to simply forwarding commands (e.g. on/off, dimming commands, ...) and information (e.g. on/off status, current brightness value), these KNX/DALI gateways provide sophisticated and enhanced functions. One of the most important feature is the testing of the functionality of the DALI devices. 
    However, the implementation of this function testing within the KNX/DALI gateways highly depends on the manufacturer of the gateway. Each vendor has its own way how function testing services are provided and how the test results are represented. This also concerns the mapping of this information to KNX communication objects. Even worse, most of the time a simple read and write to these KNX communication objects is not sufficient since a dedicated command sequence is necessary. A typical example is the reading of the fault status of a DALI device. First, the device has to be selected by sending the DALI number to a dedicated KNX group address and afterwards the fault status objects have to be read. This results in a complexity which is a major problem for system integrators and electrical engineers who have the task to provide such functionality. More information can be found here.

To make the management of KNX/DALI gateways easier, the NETx BMS Platform provides a dedicate module called LaMPS. The main goal of LaMPS is to provide a generic interface to initiate DALI tests independent of the used KNX/DALI gateway vendor. One of the most important functionality of KNX/DALI gateways is the possibility to monitor the fault state of DALI gateways and their DALI devices. This includes triggering of DALI device tests, evaluation of test results, and monitoring of fault states. Since each KNX/DALI gateway vendor uses their own KNX communication objects to provide this functionality, LaMPS provides an abstraction of these vendor-specific implementations. 

Currently, the following KNX/DALI gateways are supported:

If you use KNX/DALI gateways which are not yet supported, please contact us. Other DALI gateways from other manufacturers can be included on request.


The LaMPS module for the NETx BMS Platform is provided as an extension and is not included within the default setup.

To install LaMPS, open the Core Studio and shutdown the Core Server. Afterwards, start the Extension Manager via the menu Extensions > Manager > Start Extension Manager ....

Within the dialog, select "LaMPS" and press the Install button. After having installed the LaMPS module, close the BMS studio and reopen it. Within the Modules menu of the BMS Studio you will find a new sub menu LaMPS. It contains entries for all definitions that are necessary for configuration the LaMPS module.


The LaMPS functionality is not included in a standard license for the NETx BMS Platform. This means that an extra license has to be bought if the LaMPS module is required in your project. 

The price that has to be paid in addition to the normal fees of the BMS Platform license is a fix amount which is independent of used amount of DALI gateways and DALI devices. In addition to this fix amount, 1 data point is counted for each DALI device that is used within the LaMPS module. These data points are subtracted from the total amount of available data points of your BMS Platform license. For more information about the cost please contact our sales team.

The extra license itself is an option to the standard BMS Platform licenses. This means the licensing process is exactly the same as for a normal BMS Platform license. For a softlock license, the LaMPS option is encoded within your License ID and Unlock Code. For hardlock, the option is stored on your USB license dongle. 

In order to test LaMPS, LaMPS is included within the demo license of the NETx BMS Platform . This means that you can test the LaMPS module for 90 days for free.


To be able to provide the required functionality, a correct ETS configuration of the KNX/DALI gateways is of utmost importance. Each KNX/DALI gateway has a multitude of different KNX communication objects and parameter. Only if the correct parameters are set within the ETS and only if the required KNX communication objects are correctly assigned to KNX group addresses, a proper functionality of LaMPS can be guaranteed.

To make the configuration and most important the transfer of the configuration from ETS to the NETx BMS Platform much easier, an extended ETS app called NETx BMS App Secure has been developed. The NETx BMS App Secure includes the possibility to export the required KNX/DALI gateway configuration automatically. In addition, it warns the user if required or suggested ETS parameters are not set accordingly. 

If the LaMPS option is set within the NETx BMS App Secure, all required configuration data is included within the ".nxe" export file. For each KNX/DALI gateway type, one BMS definition file exist. All these definition files are accessible within the BMS studio via the menu "Modules" --> "LaMPS" --> "DALI".

In the remainder of this section, the different definition files are explained in detail. 

Module configuration

Here, common configuration settings for the NETx LaMPS Module can be changed:

Emergency function test timeoutsTimeout for DALI emergency function tests. If no test result is received after this timeout is expired, the test fails.60 s
Emergency duration test timeoutsTimeout for DALI emergency duration tests. If no test result is received after this timeout is expired, the test fails.10800 s (= 3 h)
Emergency partial during test timeoutsTimeout for DALI emergency partial duration tests. If no test result is received after this timeout is expired, the test fails.10800 s (= 3 h)
Emergency battery test timeoutsTimeout for DALI emergency battery tests. If no test result is received after this timeout is expired, the test fails.60 s
Set all LaMPS items as persistenttrue/falseIf true, all LaMPS items are marked as persistent and thus item values restored after server startup or after reconnecting the KNXnet/IP router or interface.false
Overrides all thresholds based on configtrue/falseIf true, all thresholds will be overridden by the values that are defined within the circuit definition.false

Further configuration




  • re-release of 4.1.4


(warning) DO NOT USE


  • Bad reference from test result to DALI device – fixed.


  • Wrong DALI device number used for ABB gateways – fixed.


  • LaMPS import within ETS import tool fixed


Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
  • NETx BMS Server 2.0

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