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A common reason for a crash of a Windows application is that the used memory is continuous growing. When the used memory exceeds the limit, the Windows process crashes. The reason for a growing memory usage of the server can be a problem with your configuration or installation (e.g. an OPC client is sending too much telegrams, a loop in a LUA script or XLogic, ...) or a bug within the software. 

To log the memory usage to system log file of the server, you can use the SupportTool Plugin.

  • Stop the server and go to BMS Studio / Extensions / Manager / Start extension manager... 
  • Select the SupportTool and install it.
  • Start the server: In the item tree you will find the branch NETx\Module\SupportTools\ProcessProfiler
  • Set the item MemoryProfilingOnOff to 1 in order to start the memory profiling.

The memory usage will be logged to system log file in a regular interval. If the server crashes again, send the log files to our support team.

Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
  • NETx Multi Protocol Server
  • NETx BMS Server 2.0

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