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Used to write or set a data point value based on an input or fixed value.


This logic can be used to write or set a data point value. As source an input item or a fixed value can be used. If both possibilites are specified, the input item is used.


  • Input (ItemID, optional): value that shall be written to the output. It has a higher priority that the fixed value.


  • Output (ItemID): data point that shall be changed.


  • Value(Any, optional): fixed value that shall be written or set when the logic is invoked. It has a lower priority than the input item.
  • Write to bus (bool, optional): if set to "false", the value is only updated within the NETx BMS Server. If set to true (default value), the value is also forwarded to the field network.
  • Verify quality (bool, optional): if set to "true" (default value), the value is not forwarded when the input's quality is not "GOOD".

Possible trigger types

  • All

Available since:

NETx BMS Server 2.0


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