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The Calendar View offers another view to defined schedules. 

In the Scheduler App the view can be changed to Calendar View by clicking the  button from the menu bar.

Schedules shown in the Calendar View depend on the selected folder in the project tree.

The calendar will ONLY show schedules of the current folder!

The Calendar View has different modes to display schedules

  • Day: show one day in calendar
  • Week: show one week in calendar, monday to sunday
  • Month: show one month in calendar
  • Agenda: show schedules as a list
  • Timeline Day: shows one day in half an hour slots from left to right

Creating event in Calendar View 

This tutorial shows how to setup schedules. in general.

With a double click on a specific date/time in the calendar the page to setup a Start-Stop Time Event opens.

Here, we create a schedule to turn on the light every day 6 pm, and turn it off at 10 pm. The recurrence is "daily" so the actions will perform every day.

The LightsOnOff schedule appears in the calendar.

A schedule can be deleted directly in the calendar.

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