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Product Description
 Main Criteria
1.2 Disambiguation
1.2.1 Project/Workspace
1.2.2 Datapoint
1.2.3 Server Item
1.2.4 Server information model/Information model
1.2.5 Server Item Tree
1.2.6 BMS Client
1.2.7 VNET
1.2.8 NETx BMS Client
1.3 System Overview
1.3.1 System Architecture
1.3.2 The Server Item Tree
2 Getting Started
2.1 Installation
2.2 First Steps
2.2.1 KNX Configuration
2.2.2 Modbus Configuration
2.2.3 BACnet Configuration
2.2.4 Starting the Server
2.2.5 Visualization Project
2.2.6 BMS Client
3 NETx BMS Core Studio
3.1 Menu Bar
3.1.1 Workspace New Workspace Open Workspace Save Workspace As Delete Workspace Export Workspace Import Workspace Generate Support File Exit
3.1.2 File Save Save all Close Export to Excel Import from Excel Print Page setup
3.1.3 Edit
3.1.4 Server System Log File Server Configuration System Configuration N-Mesh Configuration Start Server Shut Down Server Restart Server Advanced Configuration
3.1.5 Visualization New BMS Client Definition Edit BMS Client Definition Delete BMS Client Definition Open BMS Client in web browser Disconnect BMS Client New visualization project Import visualization project / Exported Visualization Project Import visualization project / From other Workspace Edit visualization project Copy and edit visualization project Delete visualization project Push visualization project to BMS Clients
3.1.6 Cluster Start Explorer Server Definitions Item Definitions
3.1.7 Modules Metering Fidelio/Opera Interface
3.1.8 Extensions XCommand event definitions [Live] Task Definitions [Live] Holiday Definitions Item Alias Definitions Virtual Item Definitions V-Link Definitions Manager
3.1.9 KNX Import NETx ETS(c) app file Import ETS(c) project System Settings Router Configuration ETS object definitions Gateway Definitions Telegram Definitions Device Definitions Group Alias Definitions [Live] Link Definitions Send telegram Set cell value Advanced Configuration
3.1.10 BACnet Start Explorer Device Definitions Object Definitions Property Definitions Object Mapping Definitions Driver Configuration
3.1.11 Modbus Device definitions Datapoint definitions Address mapping definitions
3.1.12 JSON Gateway Definitions Meter Definitions Driver Configuration
3.1.13 SNMP Device definition Polling definition User definition Traps Driver definition
3.1.14 Tools KNX Telegram History Explorer Execute LUA script Load XCommand Run XCommand Options
3.1.15 Windows Add Item Tree Project tree System Messages Telegram Monitor Cell monitor Gateway manager Search Item properties Graph Restore Positions Cascade Vertical Horizontal
3.1.16 Info Documentation License manager About BMS Server
3.2 Toolbar
3.3 Window
3.3.1 Menu Bar
3.3.2 Tool Bar
3.3.3 Info Bar
3.3.4 Project Tree
3.3.5 Gateways
3.3.6 Cells
3.3.7 Main Working Area Item Tree Search Datapoints Definition Tables Definition Files LUA Editor Log Viewer (System Log)
3.3.8 Telegrams
3.3.9 Properties
3.3.10 Graph
3.3.11 System Messages
3.3.12 Status Bar
3.4 Apps
3.4.1 NETxKNX ETS Converter 3.5
3.4.2 BACnet Explorer
3.4.3 Telegram History Explorer
3.4.4 License Manager
4 NETx BMS Core Server
4.1 The way how the server/service works
4.2 General server configuration
4.2.1 VNET Server Configuration
4.2.2 System Configuration OPC-Parameters KNX-Parameters SYSTEM-Parameters XDB-Parameters EMAIL-Parameters
4.2.3 N-Mesh Subsystem Config File
4.3 XIO Interfaces
4.3.1 KNX XIO Interface KNX configuration KNX group address definitions KNX gateway definitions KNX device definitions KNX group alias definitions KNX event definitions ETS object definitions
4.3.2 Modbus XIO Interface Modbus device definitions Modbus datapoint definitions Modbus address mapping definitions
4.3.3 BACnet XIO Interface BACnet configuration BACnet device definitions BACnet object definitions BACnet property definitions BACnet mapping definitions
4.3.4 JSON XIO Interface JSON gateway definitions JSON meter definitions JSON configuration
4.3.5 SNMP XIO Interface SNMP configuration SNMP device definitions SNMP polling definitions SNMP user definitions SNMP trap definitions SNMP trap variable definitions SNMP trap listener definitions
4.4 Server modules
4.4.1 Cluster module Cluster server definitions Cluster item definitions
4.4.2 Metering module
4.4.3 Fidelio module Driver Configuration Room Definitions
4.5 Server extensions
4.5.1 XCommand event definitions
4.5.2 Task definitions
4.5.3 Holiday definitions
4.5.4 Aliases definitions
4.5.5 Virtual item definitions
4.5.6 Virtual link definitions
4.6 LUA scripting
4.6.1 NXA standard functions
4.6.2 NXA functions for task handling
4.6.3 NXA functions for KNX In / Out Conversion
4.6.4 NXA functions for date and time processing
4.6.5 Overview about the functions of the nxa LUA module to extract data
4.6.6 Overview about the bit wise functions of the nxa LUA module to extract data
4.6.7 NXA functions for creating virtual links and Server Items
4.6.8 NXA functions for NETx BMS Clients management (INTERNAL FUNCTIONS)
4.6.9 NXA LUA Apps
4.6.10 NXA functions for network communication
4.6.11 NXA event callbacks
4.6.12 NXA constants
4.6.13 Functions for manipulation the event tree
4.6.14 Additional information to LUA implementation
4.7 XCON Interfaces
4.7.1 COM Interface Config
4.7.2 UDP Interface Config
4.7.3 TCP Interface Config
4.7.4 HTTP Interface
4.7.5 RSS Interface
4.7.6 EMAIL Interface
4.8 Server logging
4.8.1 System logging
4.8.2 Telegram logging
4.9 Supported data types
4.9.1 Server data types
4.9.2 KNX data types
4.9.3 Modbus data types
4.9.4 BACnet object types
4.9.5 SNMP datapoint types
5 Client Configuration
5.1 Connection of OPC DA clients
5.2 Connection of VNET clients
5.3 Connection to NETx BMS Clients
5.3.1 Installation Configuration Starting
5.4 NETx Touch client
5.4.1 Installation Android iOS
5.4.2 Settings General Settings Special Settings
A Appendix
A.1 Acronyms
A.2 Licensing
A.2.1 Hardlock
A.2.2 Softlock
A.2.2.1 Software Licensing
A.2.2.2 Move a license
A.2.3 License Count
A.3 Support and contact
A.4 System Requirements


This published handbook refers to the release of NETx BMS Core Server 4.0. The software is published by NETxAutomation Software GmbH, Maria– Theresia–Straße 41, Top 10, 4600 Wels, Austria.
© Copyright by NETxAutomation Software GmbH, 2017. The correct and usable documentation can only be guaranteed in connection with the regulations of the software agreement. Changes regarding the size of the function volume of the mentioned software can be done and may not involve a change of the documentation.
All rights are reserved. Copies, translations, micro filming and the storage and processing in data processing systems are copyrighted. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior permission of the publisher NETxAutomation Software GmbH.

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