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The integrated Messenger module of the NETx BMS Core Server allows you to send messages to several services.
This feature can be useful for a number of use cases, for example:

  • Alarm notifications
    • The temperature in room 101 exceeded its maximum allowed value
    • The weather station became offline
  • Timed notifications
    • Every monday, notify a user about the average temperature in a room
  • Conditional notifications
    • A new user checked in to hotel room 101
    • A new report is ready for download

The following services are supported:

  • Email
    • requires an SMTP server
  • Telegram (a widely used messenger service, such as WhatsApp)
    • requires a Telegram account and a smartphone with the Telegram app installed
  • Twilio (a widely used SMS gateway)
    • requires a Twilio account
  • Twitter (a social networking service)
    • requires a Twitter account

NETx BMS Platform ships with pre-built messenger logics, that can be easily configured and used in custom actions.


Set up the messenger module configuration in the NETx BMS Core Studio: From the menu bar, select Modules / Messenger, then select "Messenger configuration ..." or the desired messenger service configuration, e.g. [Live] Email.

Messenger configuration

ParameterDescriptionScopeUnitDefault value
xio.Messenger.SmtpTimeOutSets the timeout for the SMTP client connection for sending e mails.1 - 100000Seconds100

Move on with the service-specific configurations.

Specific configuration








  • Email attachment files are locked after sending email – fixed.
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