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To keep an efficient use of all available resources in mind, reading, monitoring and analyzing consumption values of smart meters is necessary. Therefore, the NETx BMS Platform provides a metering module. This metering module is used to visualize and analyze consumption values of smart meters. Based on a cost center structure, it is possible to perform a cost calculation of the consumed resources.


The metering module is automatically installed with the standard installation of the NETx BMS Platform. However, in order to use it, a license extension is required. To get a license a fix fee has to be paid. In addition, for each metering point that is defined within the metering module, 10 data points are subtracted from the available amount of data points of your license. 

Since all license extensions are included, the metering module is also available in the demo version and developer licenses.


Metering pointA metering point is a data point that provides the consumption value of a resource. Metering points are normally provided by smart meters. A typical example is an energy meter. An energy meter provides one or more metering points. One metering point can be the consumed kWh of a single phase.

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