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The NETx BMS Platform provides a tool for both built-in and custom reports. It is comprised by the following components:

  • Reporting app: The user interface in the Web Manager. It allows to generate reports instantaneously, to set up report templates that can be triggered by the scheduler, and to modify reports or even design new ones.
  • Reporting server: A Windows service running in background which does the final generating of the output document.
  • Reporting plugin: A plugin to the Core Server that handles licensing.

Available as an extension, the package is installed during regular setup installation and can be updated through the Extension Manager.




(internal release)


  • LaMPS Emergency Lighting Status Report / detail of duration test is possibly wrong – fixed.


  • LaMPS Emergency Lighting Status Report / detail of function test is possibly wrong – fixed.
  • LaMPS Emergency Lighting Logbook Report / no test results shown when test was triggered on device level or higher – fixed.
  • Excel reports show timestamps in UTC – fixed.

  • Reporting server does stop when Core Server stops – fixed.

  • Emergency Lighting Test Result / missing scaling of result value in reports – fixed.

  • Report designer / query builder not working – fixed.
  • LaMPS Emergency Lighting Status Report / styling improved.
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