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The NETx BMS Platform uses an SQL database to store the following persistent data:

  • Trending values: if a trending for a data point is created, data changes are stored within the SQL database. The amount, time limit and frequency can be configured.
  • Alarm history: all alarm states changes are stored within the SQL database. This history can be shown within the Web Manager and export via the reporting app.
  • LaMPS data: the NETx LaMPS module provides the possibility to trigger DALI test (normal tests and emergency tests). All DALI tests and their results are stored within the SQL database.
  • Metering data: the project data of the metering module is also stored within the SQL database. This data is used by the reporting app to generate reports. 

Within the current version of the NETx BMS Platform, the following SQL installations are supported:

  • Maria DB (version 10.3 or higher):
    • No limit
  • MS SQL Server (version 2014 or higher): 
    • Express edition: 10 GB limit for each database (workspace)
    • Standard edition or more: no limit

In principle, the SQL database and its content can be used by third-party SQL clients. Therefore, it can be seen as an additional interface to access historical data. However, please keep in mind that changing the SQL database schema and its content may harm the functionality of the NETx BMS Platform. Furthermore, the SQL database schema may change in future. This also means that no support is given for issues with third-party SQL clients.

Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
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