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Trending will help to give an overview of changes and values of a selected Item. This Item will be represented in a graphical view of your choice. In This Demo a Trending for two Items will be created Electricity and Outside Temperature. Those two Trending can be related through a Chart that will represent the interaction between the Trending's.

Creating a Trending  In Netx WenManager by going to Trending App or Explorer App and Add a new Trending. First Trending will represent the used Electricity and the second Trending will be represent the outside Temperature. Each Trending must have a Name, Item and Type. Item is the Datapoint that we want to trend. Type is the applied function.  
The graphical representation of Trending can be seen by changing the View in the Trending App. This view can be changed by choosing the   from the top Bar. 

Created Trending's will appear in the Database of the current Workspace. ["Workspace_Name"].[dbo].[NETX_TRENDING_DEFINITION]. Each Trending will be assigned to unique ID (WID).

Values of the Trending's can be found under  ["Workspace_Name"].[dbo].[NETX_TRENDING_VALUE]

Charts are used to represent the interaction between Trending's. To Create a Chart in Trending App or Explorer App and Add a new Chart. Here the Chart will represent the usage of Electricity based on the Outside Temperature. 

in Chart view the following Chart will tell us the usage of the Electricity and how has it increased when the Temperature was dropped down and vise versa. The changes can be seen in graphical chart or in Table View. 

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