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Changes in a visualization project through the Visualization Editor will not reach a web-based visualization until these updates are sent to the Web Manager.

General information on the workflow to save and update web-base visualizations is available in this article: Visualization system overview. Follow the current article for a step-by-step guide.

  • In order to send updates from the Visualization Editor to the Core Server select the menu item Workspace / Send and Transfer Workspace to server.

    A conformation message in the Visualization Editor will show up.
  • At this time the changes are available to the Core Server and need to be pushed to the configured devices. In the Web Manager' s Visualization app select the Project tab

    and find the list of visualization projects known in the current Core Server workspace.
  • Select the updated visualization project and press the Deploy button  in the toolbar. This will update the selected project in its configured devices. Clients connected to an affected device will be logged out.
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