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The Visualization Editor requires a TLS-secured connection to the Core Server. The Visualization Editor establishes the connection when

  • a visualization workspace is opened
  • menu item System / Reconnect Server... is selected
  • menu item System / Select Server... is selected

Connection parameters are configured in the Core Studio / Server / Server configuration:

Default for both password and PIN is 1234.

When the Visualization Editor connects to the Core Server the connection parameters have to be set:

  • Hostname or IP address: To connect to a local Core Server, leave the field empty. For a connection to a remote Core Server, enter the respective hostname or IP address.
  • Port: Set the port for secure VNET connections according to the settings in the Core Server. Default port number is 14532.
  • Password, PIN: Set values according to settings in the Core Server. Default setting in the server for both fields is 1234.
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