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In the visualization environment there are basically three actors:

  • web browser PC: the machine that consumes the web-base visualization
  • NETx BMS Platform Server: the machine that runs the Core Server and the Web Manager
  • visualization workstation: the machine that runs the Visualization Editor. This can (but does not have to be) the same machine as the NETx BMS Platform Server.

When the Visualization Editor saves a visualization project the data is saved on the local disk in the respective visualization project workspace. That is, editing and saving the visualization project takes place on the visualization workstation only.

When the user triggers the transfer of the workspace to the server, the Visualization Editor packs the visualization workspace into a VXW file and sends it to the connected Core Server. The core server files the VXW in current server workspace's ProjectFiles folder. Now the visualization project is ready to be deployed to the devices configured in the Web Manager.

In the Web Manager's Visualization app the user triggers the deployment of a visualization project to its configured devices. The VXW file is analyzed and processed so that incoming requests from a web client can be answered by the Web Manager's web visualization subsystem.

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