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This tutorial shows how to use a scene in Voyager 5.0. This tutorial applies to Voyager only. Scenes in the Web visualization require the use of XLogic commans such as Item.SceneKNX_Scene and KNX.SetScene.

Basic information

A scene is a set of values for specific datapoints, the scene members. Following operations are possible for a scene

  • create / edit: in the Scene Manager
  • save: save current status of the scene members
  • play: recall last saved status of the scene members

Creating the scene

Open the Scene Manager by clicking on the Scenes icon in Voyager's toolbar. This will open Scenes window which contains a list of all configured scenes. In the Scene Manager you can add, copy, delete or edit a scene. 

Click the New scene button in the Scene Manager's toolbar.

Now we will create 3 different Scenes for a Restaurant Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, each one of them will change the Light and the Temperature of the Bathroom, Lobby and Entrance:

Each one of the Scenes has a different values based on the Restaurant's Status.  

Save On: The provided server item is compared to a static operand. If the condition is true then the current scene settings will be saved.

Play On: The provided server item is compared to a static operand. If the condition is true the scene will be played.

In this tutorial Play On is triggered if the server item NETx\VAR\Real\Item1 equals 1.

  • set the operator to = (equals)
  • set the static operand to 1
  • click Select to pick the datapoint from the server's item tree

This all means if the selected item changed to 1 the scene will be triggered. 

Click OK and the Breakfast scene will appear in the Scene Manager. The same could be done for all other Scenes. 

Playing the scene with a visualization button

As next, from the Object catalog drag and drop a button (from the library or a picture button) onto the visualization page. Double-click the button will to raise the show the properties dialog.

In the Object tab configure a Toggle Down mode and send a to the server item that was configured for the Play On event:

Now this button will set this item's value to 1 which in turn will trigger the Play On event of the scene Breakfast, also we should do the same for Lunch and Dinner.

Saving the scene with a visualization button

The Server Item in here will be compared to a static operand. If the comparison proof true the scene will be saved. Select the operator in the drop down box and put in a value the Server Items value shall be compared with.
“Single Shot” means that the scene is only saved if the result of comparison changes from FALSE to TRU. If “Single Shot” is deactivated, the scene is saved if the
Server Item changes and the comparison evaluates to TRUE. “Select” opens the item tree to select the Server Item from. “Remove” clears the item.

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