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The Multi Internet control allows to display contents of different URLs depending on a given server item.

From the Object catalog drag and drop the element on the empty page. The Multi Internet box is adjustable to fit user needs. 

A double-click on the Multi Internet control will show the Multi Internet properties dialog. In the Object tab a numerical ItemID should be chosen. For this tutorial a server item of type INT32 is used: NETx\VAR\Numeric\Item1.

This server item will subsequently be used as a criterion in comparison operations that decide which URL will be displayed.

Then, moving to the URLs / conditions tab where the URLs are defined. For each index from 1 to 10 a URL and a condition can be defined. If a condition is met then the contents of the corresponding URL will be displayed, otherwise the next condition is tested.

Following options are available to set up the condition for a URL:

  • URL not used: The URL is not active and it will not be used. 
  • URL if quality is not GOOD: This URL would be active if the quality was not GOOD, e.g. UNCERTAIN.
  • Use condition (quality is GOOD): The URL will be active when the item quality is GOOD and the subsequent condition evaluates to TRUE.

In the example below the condition evaluation will be done as follows:

  • If the value of NETx\VAR\Numeric\Item1 is 0 then URL1 is used (
  • If the value of NETx\VAR\Numeric\Item1 is 1 then URL2 is used (
  • If the item quality of NETx\VAR\Numeric\Item1 is GOOD and the none of the prior conditions is met then URL2 is used  (
  • If the item quality of NETx\VAR\Numeric\Item1 is not GOOD then URL3 is used (....).


Apply the changes and press Ok.

To test and operate the Multi Internet control a setup as described in Using controls to increase or decrease a server item can be used.

See also the Multi Picture control to work with images instead of web contents.

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