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Status codeDescription
1000Network problem. The server is not able to establish an IP connection to router or interface. Please check your firewall, network and all network switches and routers.
33The KNXnet/IP router or interface cannot find an active data connection with the specified ID. This may indicate that the KNXnet/IP router or interface made a restart and lost the connection IDs. Possible reason for a restart may be too much traffic at the KNX bus, a hardware failure or problems with the power supply.
34The requested connection type is not supported by the KNXnet/IP router or interface.
35One or more requested connection options are not supported by the KNXnet/IP router or interface.
36No KNXnet/IP tunneling connection is available. A KNXnet/IP router or interface only supports a limited amount of simultaneous connections. Old devices only one – newer devices (like our NETx KNX IP Router and Interface) up to 5. Please check whether other client (e.g. ETS) is also connected to the router or interface.
37No free KNX individual address available for the tunneling connection. Please check your ETS project whether all available tunneling connections are assigned to a KNX individual address. For older KNXnet/IP routers or interfaces, additional addresses may be activated by pressing the programming button for at least 5 seconds. Please check the datasheet of your device.
38The KNXnet/IP router or interface detects an error concerning the data connection with the specified ID.
39The KNX connection to the router or interface is not working. Please check the twisted pair side of your router or interface.