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Testing the control with navigation buttons

To test the MultiInternet Multi Picture control we create controls to show the current value of the used server item and controls to modify this value.


Create the navigation buttons from the "Libraries" section in the object catalog. In the library there is a large variety of NETx Styles to choose from.


Assigning the buttons to navigate through the MultiInternet controlthe Multi Picture control.

First the "Up-Button", assigning can be done by double-clicking the button, and on "Object" tab, function is Standard button, Confirmation type is none, Operation mode should be "+Value" (to increase the value of the server item connected to the MultiInternetMulti Picture control), Step increased by 1 and the max. value "2" beside on URLs count - 1 (Index starts at 0). After that in Server Items in the Description the First Undefined filed can be assigned to the URLs Item ID (Numeric - Variable 1). Also Send and Recive Receive should be checked.

  • +Value will increase the Value with the Defined "Step" amount. 
  • -Value will decrease the Value with the Defined "Step" amount. 


Viewing the current Item ID of MultiInternet Multi Picture control can be done by adding "Text-Box" , after that Double-Clike Click on the "Text-Box". in the "Text-Box" dialog and in the "Object" tab, Function is Indicator and the Item ID is Variable 1.


When all has been done is correct, the project should be ready to Start.