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I want to upgrade my product. In what way will the OPC item IDs be changed during that procedure?

The OPC item IDs of the KNX data points are by default structured as follows:


Server VersionKNX item path

OPC 3.0

\NETxEIB\<IP address gateways>\<Group address>
OPC 3.5\NETxKNX\<IP address gateways>\<Group address>
Voyager Server 1.0\NETxKNX\<IP address gateways>\<Group address>
BMS Server 2.0NETx\XIO\KNX\<IP address gateways>\<Group address>


Therefore, you have to check each explicit mention of a OPC ItemID and replace the prefix accordingly. You may want to use a search-and-replace function.

  1. Make sure to check all 
    1. XCommand event definitions
    2. Task definitions
    3. Item alias definitions
    4. VLink definitions
    5. LUA scripts
  2. Check also downstream software depending on the server such as visualization. The NETx Voyager provides a search-and-replace function (Edit / Replace) that allows you to complete the task within seconds.

It is possible to define aliases which is just a shortcut to the original item. Define the aliases in the Telegram Definition file (BMS Server: Extensions / Item alias definitions).