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For MS SQL Server, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command shell cmd.exe
  2. >sqlcmd -S .\<instance> -U <user> -P <password>
    default values:
    • instance: NETX_SERVER_SQL
    • user: sa
    • password: netxnetx_123456
  3. execute following command:
    select name AS DBName, SQL_Server_Edition = serverproperty('Edition'), SQL_Server_Version = serverproperty('ProductVersion'), 
    (CAST(FILEPROPERTY(name, 'SpaceUsed') AS INT) / 128.0) as SpaceUsedMB FROM sys.database_files WHERE type = 0 and name = 'NETX_<your workspace>'
  4. The usage of the databases in the given instance is shown.