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Error Message

WEB_SERVER; Can't start server on IP Address(es) <IP-Address> and Port: <port>

Related ProductsBMS Server 2.0
DescriptionThe webserver is unable to listen on the given device on the given port.
  1. The IP address does not belong to a network interface of the local machine.
  2. Port <port> is occupied by another process and the NXA WebServer is not able to bind.
  3. Sometimes the Webserver is not able to follow the changes of IP and port from the BMS Server config.
  1. Make sure that <IP-Address> is from your local machine. Edit Server / Server configuration / Network card IP address and set a local address or leave it empty to accept connections on all network interfaces.
  2. Open cmd.exe as administrator and issue following command: netstat -a -b
    Locate the process that uses the configured port on the configured interface
  3. Stop the concurring process or choose a different port for the NXA WebServer in Server / Server configuration / TCP/IP port for NXA WebServer.
  4. Stop the service [NXA] NETxLAB.WEB.SERVER.2.0 manually and restart the BMS Server.