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The clustering module also provides the means to integrate other NETx Servers.

All NETx Servers used in the cluster have to run the same VNET version. Otherwise communication will not take a place.

In the Cluster Server Definition window, choose the type VNET. Provide a hostname or IP address of the target server.

For NETx Servers (ServerType “VNET”), the VNET port (default 4530) has to be specified. Be sure the port number matches the configuration of the target server. Verify the setting on the target machine in the BMS Studio under Server / Server configuration / VNET / Network TCP Port Number.

The server will appear in the Cluster Explorer window. Now data points from the remote NETx Server can be imported into the local NETx Server: Click the Explore Items of Cluster Server  icon of the selected server.

Afterwards, in Cluster Explorer click Ok and confirm to save the changes.

Then start the NETx Server. In the item tree the Cluster branch contains the configured server connections and their respective data points. These data points are two-ways synchronized with their source server.

Article applies to the following products:

  • NETx BMS Platform
  • NETx Multi Protocol Server
  • NETx BMS Server 2.0

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