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Error Message

VNET_SERVER: Listing Socket E03.

BMS Server: Server could not be initialized (E5177)

Related ProductsBMS Server 2.0
DescriptionThe System log shows the above messages and the BMS Server shuts down.

(1) The BMS Server is not able to open a TCP/IP server socket for VNET communication.


(1) Check the IP address and port for VNET communication.

(2) Open the Server Configuration (in BMS Studio: "Server" --> "Server configuration")

(3) Check "Network card IP address". It should be empty (BMS server will listen on all network interfaces) or one of your local IP addresses shall be entered.

(4) Check "Network TCP/IP Port Number". Default is 4530. If any other application is using it, a different one has to be entered (note that this port must also be used at Voyager 5.0)

(5) If the problem persists, open an administrator shell and run

C:\...> netstat -a -b

Locate the program that occupies the configured port on the configured interfaces and retry.