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Warning Message

BACnet;BACnet stack initialization failed. Unable to bind to <IP>:<port>. Trying to determine IP address ...

Related ProductsBMS Server 2.0
DescriptionThe BACnet driver was not able to bind to the given port on the network interface with the given IP address.
  1. The provided IP address is not a local IP address.
  2. The provided port on the given local IP interface is taken by another application.
  1. Make sure to use a local IP address in BACnet / Driver configuration / XIO / BACnet IP Address.
  2. Open a command window (cmd.exe) with administrator privileges. Execute netstat -a -b to identify the program that occupies the port on the interface identified by the IP address. If not found, check also on the IP address, which is equivalent to all interfaces. Terminate the resulting program and retry.