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Database communication requires a number of components to work smoothly together. If any of these components does not work properly database functions might be impaired.


  • BMS Studio status line says: XDB: OFFLINE

Causes and solutions

  1. Check if the database instance is running.
    • In the default configuration the BMS Server uses a local instance of MS SQL Server named NETX_SERVER_SQL
    • Go to Windows Services and check if the service named SQL Server (NETX_SERVER_SQL) is running.
    • If the service is running proceed with step 5.
  2. Check the service startup type
    • In the Windows Services, locate the service named SQL Server (NETX_SERVER_SQL) and open its properties.
    • Set the start type to automatically and click OK.
  3. Start the database service
    • In the Windows Services, locate the service named SQL Server (NETX_SERVER_SQL).
    • Start the service.
    • If the service started successfully, proceed with step 5.
  4. Check the Windows Event Logs
    • If the database service failed to start check the Windows Event Log for specific log entries.
  5. Check BMS Server connection parameters in BMS Studio / Server / System configuration. Be sure to know what you are doing if you deviate from default values.

    Configuration parameterDefault value
    SYS / Use historical databasechecked
    XDB / Enable DSNnot checked
    XDB / Use integrated securitynot checked
    XDB / Database usersa
    XDB / Database passwordnetxnetx_123456
    XDB / Database host name(a dot)
    XDB / Database port(empty)
    XDB / Use default instancenot checked
    XDB / Database instance nameNETX_SERVER_SQL
    XDB / Connection timeout300
    XDB / Command timeout60
    XDB / Max data age0
    XDB / Auto-purge near-full databasechecked
  6. Check the BMS System Messages or the System Log File for error messages. See also XDB_ENGINE; Connect to SysDatabase failed.
  7. Try to access the database through the command line and se NETX_<workspace-name> as database name.

    C:\Users\username>sqlcmd -S .\NETX_SERVER_SQL -U sa -P netxnetx_123456
    1> USE NETX_Workspace1
    2> go
    Changed database context to 'NETX_Workspace1'.
    1> quit
  8. In case the sa login fails try to enable the sa user login

    C:\Users\username>sqlcmd -S .\NETX_SERVER_SQL
    1> use NETX_Workspace1
    2> go
    Changed database context to 'NETX_Workspace1'.
    2> GO
    1> quit
  9. To reset the sa user's password follow this article: How can I change the database password?

If the problem cannot be solved by these steps, please provide a detailed description of the symptoms, the support file, and if applicable the output of command line access to the database.