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Building management systems for hotels have to be adapted to the needs of different user groups, especially to the constantly changing guests. Each guest has specific requirements concerning lighting and temperature. Only one thing is the same for every guest: the handling of the room should be as simple and comfortable as possible.




Airports are a big challenge for building management systems. Besides the terminals, also arrival- or departure areas, parking areas, maintenance rooms, hangars and other areas can be lightened, acclimatized or heated. Therefore, an enormous number of KNX data points, BACnet objects, etc. have to be integrated into the building management system.



Office buildings

Besides the efficient use of resources, in office buildings, the focus is especially on the supply of an appropriate working environment. Only if employees feel good in their working area (lighting conditions, climate of room and quality of air), constantly good performances can be achieved.



Shopping malls

Shopping malls normally have different sales, parking and outdoor areas that should be integrated into a building automation system. According to the areas, different requirements are given. For parking areas, especially the lighting is of great importance. To save energy, presence detectors can be used that only react if a person is in the relevant area.




Stadiums and sports centers normally offer a high number of rooms, which are used differently. While a chilled atmosphere should be achieved in the restaurant area, highest quality of air is important in the dressing rooms and showers. VIP areas draw attention by impressive lighting scenes and souvenir shops should invite you to buy some presents.




One characteristic feature concerning hospitals is the multitude of different rooms. As a result, the building management system has to deal with different requirements concerning temperature, shading, lighting, ventilation and function control.



Event Centers

Event centers are well visited locations that are characterized by a large variety of changing events. According to the kind of event (e.g. book presentation, music concert, theater, exhibition, congress, etc.), different requirements - especially for lighting and HVAC - are given.




In schools, besides the efficient use of resources, providing of an optimal learning environment is of central importance. Permanently good performance by teachers and students is only possible under the right lighting conditions or a corresponding room climate. This can be achieved by a needs-based control of HVAC and lighting.




In order to operate buildings efficiently, direct and automatic interaction between different trades is already state of the art. Often, the requirement for the technical building management also extends over several distributed and interconnected buildings, e.g. branch network of a retail chain, extensive hospitals and nursing homes or large hotel complexes.