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Event Centers

Event Centers are well visited locations that are characterized by a large variety of changing events. According to the kind of event (e.g. book presentation, music concert, theater, exhibition, congress, etc.), different requirements - especially for lighting and HVAC - are generated.


Event Centers are often used for theater or music concerts. Therefore, different needs according to the lighting of the rooms (e.g. white or colored light or special effects) arise. Dimming of the luminous elements is as important as triggering specific scenes. Wall panels are used to control the hall and stage light.

At a congress, enough natural light and a constant illumination level is important for the concentration of the participants. This can be achieved by using a constant light control. Depending on the share of natural light, more or less artificial light is added. Special scenes can be triggered e.g. you can define a "presentation" scene, where the rooms gets shaded by dimming or turning off the lights and controlling the blinds.


Not all rooms are used at the same time. Accordingly a single room control can be necessary. The room climate in an event center is mainly affected by the radiated warmth of the people and the stage light. In the last case, using modern LED technology could be worthwhile.

Depending on the size and the amount of windows and other glass surfaces and the position of the building, it is necessary to integrate a shading system in the building automation system. The control of the shading system can be effected manually or automatically, considering the position of the sun, wind and shadow of the surrounding objects.

Due to the above mentioned variety of events, the building automation system should be able to integrate other systems e.g. DALI, BACnet, EnOcean as well as audio and video systems.

At references you will find realized projects for the specific fields of application.