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Building management systems for hotels have to be adapted to the needs of different user groups, especially to the constantly changing guests. Each guest has specific requirements concerning lighting and temperature. Only one thing is the same for every guest: the handling of the room should be as simple and comfortable as possible. Therefore, a precise determination of the set point as well as a customized control of lighting, shading, heating and ventilation is needed. By using a web based visualization for touch screens, guests can adapt those issues according to their requirements.

If the building management system is able to integrate information of door locking systems like VingCard, even the signal of the door locking system can change the set point of the heating control when entering the room. Through the connection of hotel management software like MICROS Fidelio/Opera or Protel with the building management system, data of the guest can be integrated. If a web based visualization is used, the guest can for example be welcomed in the room with a personalized message (including correct name and language, ...) via a wall panel.

One further user group is the cleaning staff of the hotel. For them, an overview concerning status of room (MUR, DND) and occupancy is of great importance. Most of the time, the staff is responsible for a special floor or part of the building. For those requirements, a visualization that is able to show partial visualization for each floor or parts of the building is suitable.

Not only hotel guests or cleaning staff requires access to the building management. The technical staff has to be able to control and monitor the whole building and - if needed - react immediately. Therefore, a visualization of the whole building is required most of the time. 

To save costs for creation of visualization, maintenance work and training of employees, the use of a visualization software that is able to show main- and different partial visualization is advised.  If there are many different users (user groups), it is advisable to create different access rights. 

Last but not least, in many cases the hotel owner has specific requirements towards the design of the visualization. A meaningful picture of a hotel room should be used as background, if possible with integrated logo, showing the main colors of the hotel (Corporate Identity). Thus, the visualization has to be very flexible.

At references you will find realized projects for the specific fields of application.

Web based visualization of a hotelroom for control of room temperature
Web based visualization of a hotel room to control lighting
Web based visualization of a hotel room to control the blinds