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Modern building automation in schools has to meet a multitude of requirements

  • Providing an optimal learning environment
  • Maximum user comfort with efficient use of energy
  • No or minimal impact on the environment
  • Cost reduction

Save costs by need-based control of the room temperature

Inefficient heating causes costs and harms the environment. In order to keep the costs as well as the environmental impact low, it is only recommended to heat when the room is actually occupied. This can be achieved by presence detectors in the rooms or schedules (e.g. based on the timetable). In addition, with the help of window contacts, the temperature can be lowered when one or more windows are open. At night, the temperature is lowered due to time programs.

Constant light control for optimal lighting

By adding or removing artificial light, the illuminance in the room is kept constant depending on the amount of daylight (setpoint). Since only so much artificial light as needed is used, this measure has a positive effect on the costs. Another possibility for cost and energy saving is the automatic switching off of all lights, if a room is not occupied.

Presence detector on aisles and in front of inputs and outputs

Light is only switched on when a person enters the area covered by the presence detector. The automatic shutdown after a certain period of time can save important resources.

Quick problem solving through remote monitoring

By means of remote monitoring of the lighting, heating and, if necessary, blinds, an alarm can be sent to the caretaker in the event of a fault or an exceeding/undershooting of defined thresholds.

Energy reporting for resource optimization

The recording and analysis of the actual consumption values ​​helps to uncover energy saving potentials and to derive optimization measures.

At references you will find realized projects for the specific fields of application.