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Stadiums and sports centers normally offer a high number of rooms, which are used differently. While a chilled atmosphere should be achieved in the restaurant area, highest quality of air is important in the dressing rooms and showers. VIP areas draw attention by impressive lighting scenes and souvenir shops should invite you to buy some presents. Depending on the type of use, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning have to be controlled individually. Even outside applications like underground heating or the lighting of playgrounds, tribunes and parking spaces can be integrated in the building automation system. Presupposition is a single room control, that can be controlled centrally.

Especially sports centers have to be flexible. Determined booking schedules have to be adaptable in short-term e.g. if a tennis player changes his reservation of the tennis hall. Using wall panels, people can control light and room temperature actively.

At references you will find realized projects for the specific fields of application.