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NLSH Nordlandssykehuset

Nordland Hospital Bodø is the central hospital for Bodø (Salten) and surrounding municipalities. It also includes Lofoten and Vesterålen Hospitals as well as the Bodø Psychiatric hospital. The construction of the new hospital involved the conversion and modernization of the old hospital building as well as new construction.


The specifications stipulated that the KNX standard would be used for room-level building automation. Nordkontakt AS had good experiences with NETx Automation BMS Server from former projects and thus NETx BMS Server was chosen as the KNX server system that would be offered in Nordkontakt's bid on this project.


The project was carried out phase by phase and as far as the integration of KNX systems was concerned, went very smoothly. Nordkontakt also decided to move Modbus systems integration into NETx BMS Server to increase stability and to benefit of the gateway and data quality monitoring features.


"NETx has provided spectacular technical support along the way and Nordkontakt is planning on continuing the use of NETx BMS Server / Studio in several projects in the near future. " said Marko Tanninen from Nordkontakt.


2 NETx BMS Server: 5,000 data points


Trades: HVAC, shading, integration of weather station, glass roof control

Sytem integrator: Nordkontakt AS

Technology: KNX, Modbus