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1898 The Post

"1898 The Post" is a brand-new designer hotel in the Ghent´s old post office building. The hotel has 38 rooms, which complement the building´s late 19th century architecture, a cocktail bar as well as a multi-functional meeting and presentation room.


The electrical installation of the hotel is based on KNX. The NETx BMS Server is used to connect the MICROS Fidelio/Opera software to the KNX. In this way, the check-in signal from MICROS Fidelio hotel management system can be used to automatically start different actions like turning on the light or switch to comfort mode of the HVAC system without any actions taken from the hotel staff. The receptionists have the possibility to adjust the room setting to the customers’ needs eg. lounge feeling, more lights, etc.


Using a customized NETx Voyager visualization, the facility manager can monitor the technical installation. Furthermore, he gets notifications when components are missing. When needed, the facility manager can actively interact with the technical installation for maintenance reason or to adjust the HVAC system or lighting.


NETx BMS Server: 3,321 data points/3,751 group addresses

NETx BMS Clients: 5

NETx Voyager: 6,185 elements/165 pages

KNX deviceses: 513


Trades: Lighting, HVAC

System integrator: Dynamitec

Technologies: KNX, MICROS Fidelio/Opera, Daikin/P-Bus