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The Oberoi Resort & Hotel

The Oberoi is a five star hotel and resort with 109 rooms and suits in Ajman. Using a building management software allows to control and monitor 9,000 data points. Furthermore, the software is responsible for trending, reporting, alarms and maintenance mangenement of all KNX data points. Additionally a SMS server is integrated through OPC.The NETx BMS Server is used to integrate the MICROS fidelio hotel management system. Due to this integration 4 set-points per room are managed by the NETx BMS Server:

  • Check-in temperature
  • Check-out temperature
  • Guest in room temperature
  • Guest out room temperature



NETx BMS Server: 10,000 data points

NETx BMS Clients: 10

NETx Voyager: 10,000 elements/200 pages

Devices: 2,300


Trades: Lighting, HVAC, Shading

Sytem integrator: Armiti Trading LLC

Technology: KNX, BACnet, MICROS Fidelio, VingCard, DALI



The Oberoi Beach Resort