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Yas Viceroy Hotel

Yas Viceroy is a five star luxury hotel with 499 rooms and 22 VIP suits. The Hotel is built over the F1 race circuit in Abu Dhabi. Besids NETx BMS Server and NETx Voyager Visualization 22 NETx BMS Clients are used for web visualizaiton displayed on 22 mini iPads in the VIP suits. The NETx BMS Server with MICROS Fidelio interface controls the rooms by check-in/check-out conditions.


NETx BMS Server: 10,000 data points

NETx BMS Clients: 22

NETx Voyager


Trades: Lighting, HVAC, shading, access control

Sytem integrator: Armiti Trading LLC

Technology: KNX, BACnet, MICROS Fidelio



YAS Hotel