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Novas Instalações Plural – Coimbra

Plural is a cooperative company that carries out the activity in the storage and distribution of medicines. It interacts upstream with the Pharmaceutical Industry and downstream with Community Pharmacies as suppliers and customers. This building is the new head office of the company located in Coimbra, and rehabilitated the old Beer Factory keeping the old facade of the building. It is made up of offices, warehouses, auditorium and refectory. With the use of a building automation software, it is possible to do all the control and management of the building in lighting, blackouts, HVAC, alarms and energy consumption, being possible to calculate consumption by each service through 69 meters and 33 cost centers.


NETx BMS Server: 4,995 data points

NETx BMS Clients: 5

NETx MaRS Module: 69 measurement data points

NETx Voyager: 5,858 elements/73 pages

Devices: 556


Trades: Lighting, HVAC, shading, blackout conrol, faults and alarms, humidity

System integrator: Projedomus Lda.

Technology: KNX, BACnet, Modbus, DALI, M-Bus