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Offices and electric charging station

Offices and garage in Bilbao of a cleaning company. They have eight electric vehicles and little power available. The vehicle is controlled by recharging using RFID readers and the charging intensity of each outlet is controlled. In addition to this, the general consumption and of each charging circuit, plugs, lighting, HVAC, water consumption etc. is monitored. The office lighting only light if the brightness falls below a threshold.
In the locker rooms, industrial heaters are controlled, maintaining a uniform temperature during shower times. The state of the windows is monitored, and the heaters are turned off in case of opening. Ventilation circuits and thermoses are controlled so that they do not work when vehicles are charging.

Electrical protections, LAN network equipment, Wi-Fi connections are monitored to generate alarms. A monitored UPS maintains the electrical supply of critical systems (server, router, switch, gateways, general power analyser) in case of a fall and generates alarms. All accumulated energy and water measures are stored in an additional database and integrated into the client management software at the end of the day. The state of charge of the vehicles, the RFID reading, and the consumption of each recharge are also sent in real time.


NETx BMS Server: 724 data points / 103 group addresses

Devices: 55 - RFID reader, Power Analizer, AP Wifi, Switch and Router, SAI, actuators, binary inputs, pulse counters


Trades: lighting, HVAC, security, access control, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, database

System integrator: Domonorte Tecnologia S.l.

Technology: KNX, Modbus, SNMP, SQL