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This office building offers a flexible concept that has become very attractive for tenants with demands in adjustable workplaces. The electrical installation is a corner stone in  flexibility since it gives the property owner the possibility to divide the functions for lighting, shading  and climate control without any physical installations needed. Due to that reason most of the push buttons are wireless to avoid cables in the walls and the temperature sensors are placed in the ceilings. There are two redundant NETx BMS Servers taking care that no information or link to the Citect SCADA is lost due to simple hardware or power problems. The BMS Server also takes care of many energy calculation tasks due to its powerful scripting possibilities.


2 NETx BMS Server: 13,376 data points/27,822 group addresses

Devices: 3,563


Trades: Lighting, HVAC, shading, alarm, meter reading, emergency lighting

System integrator: Elarkitektur

Technology: KNX, Modbus, DALI, EnOcean, DMX, Crestron



Sveavägen 44