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Company presentation Why building automation?


NETx BMS Platform


NETx BMS Platform NETx LaMPS NETx Shutter Control


NETx Multiprotocol Server


NETx MP Server



Presentation Data sheet

NETx Shutter Control

Presentation Data sheet

NETx Mars Module

Presentation Data sheet


Whitepapers and articles

Semantic Integration in Building Automation: A Case Study for KNX, oBIX and Semantic Web Applications

This paper was published at the KNX Scientific Conference 2016 in Dortmund/Germany. The work presented within this paper was done within the research project "Secure and Semantic Web of Automation (SeWoA)" in cooperation with the Automation Systems Group of TU Vienna.





KNX Secure

Building management systems for providing security in existing KNX projects: organizational measures and device monitoring





Network Intrusion Detection in Building Automation Systems

This paper was published at the KNX Scientific Conference 2018 in Vienna/Austria. The work presented within this paper was done by FH Technikum Wien in cooperation with NETxAutomation




Training videos


Session 0 | 24/04/2018

General introduction of NETx Automation and product overview


Session 1 | 30/04/2018

NETx BMS Server – KNX integration


Session 2 | 30/04/2018

NETx LaMPS module: management of KNX/DALI gateways


Session 3 | 02/05/2018

NETx BMS Server – BACnet, Modbus integration and other interfaces


Session 4 | 02/05/2018

NETx BMS Server – XLogic Commands and LUA Scripts


Session 5 | 03/05/2018

Visualization Part I


Session 6 | 03/05/2018

Visualization Part II - Visualization, trending and smart metering




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