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Standard functions*

All functions of the NETx BMS Clients are also available in the NETx Voyager.


Extended trending

In addition to the trending function of the NETx BMS Clients, further functionalities are available in the NETx Voyager. The trend can be activated or deactivated during runtime by the user - you do not have to change the configuration of the NETx BMS Server. Moreover, you have the opportunity to arrange data points with activated trending to a trending group in order to show them in a trending graph.  To be able to compare tending groups, it is possible to show several tending graphs simultaneously.  According to the requirements, trends can be configured within a trending group and time intervals can be fixed. Trends can be removed from a trending group at any time if they are not needed any longer.


Extended smart metering

In addition to showing consumption values in the Metering Chart, values can be visualized in a table view.  If required, users can print graphs and tables or save them as an Excel file.


Scheduler - Server calendar

The calendar module of the NETx BMS Server is also available in the NETx Voyager. Thus calendar entries and time based events can be administered from any NETx BMS Client as well as from NETx Voyager instances.


Alarm management*

The NETx Voyager has an extensive alarm mechanism, which allowes you to define alarms. If an alarm condition is fulfilled, you will be informed. This alarm appears in a pop-up window or on a separate alarm page. Additionally, notification via e-mail or SMS is possible. By using alarm lists, alarms and their states can be monitored, acknowledged or suppressed. Changes of alarm states will be recorder for you in an alarm log file.


Adding control functions*

If the existing control functions of the field and automation level are not sufficient, you can add the missing functions with the NETx Voyager on the management level - Eventor and Processor are avaiable for this. The Eventor is  a user friendly solution to change data points based on different time- or value-based conditions. If the Eventor is not sufficient, you can integrate predefined or user-specific VBA scripts with the Processor. Eventor and Processor are also available in online mode during runtime.


Scene manager*

With the integrated scene manager you are able to specify user-defined scenes. To achieve this, the data points which shall be part of the scene have to be assigned to the scene. You can also define a data point that starts the recording of scene or one that starts replaying the saved scene - both mechanisms can be triggered directly. It is possible to use real and virtual data points (which are only available in the visualization) within the same scene.


Extended control elements*

In addition to the standard elements like buttons, sliders and images, extended control elements are available.

  • Charts with different types of graphs can be used for the visualization of historical data.
  • Historical Data Table to show historical values in a table.
  • Multi-controls are especially suitable to show elements that are depending on a data point`s value e.g. Multi-Text, Multi-Picture or Multi-Internet.
  • An RGB control is available for colour changes of LEDs.
  • Polygon for the definition of any arbitrary link area



The NETx Voyager can also be integrated into a main/backup solution.



* Functions independent from NETx BMS Server: standard functions, scene manager, alarm management, adding control functions, extended control elements

System requirements

PC: Intel or AMD - 1.8 GHz (multi-core recommended), 4GB RAM, Hard disk: 32 GB (64 GB recommended), Ethernet interface: 100 MBit/s
Operation system: For maintainable systems we strongly recommend at least Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 (or higher), except NETx KNX OPC Server 3.5. Our products basically also run on older Windows versions down to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. However, due to limited future support for these operating systems by Microsoft we will not be able to provide full support for our software running on these systems.