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Voyager BMS Client
Direct(KNX) OPC


Product features

PC based visualization ok ok  
Web based visualization     ok
temporary data recording
  with BMS Server limited
value and time based events, VBA scripting
ok ok  
schedule events
ok ok  
Server Calendar
schedule events handled by BMS Server
  with BMS Server ok
recording and replaying of data point values
ok ok  
notification via e-mail, SMS, pop-up, etc.
ok ok  



Label, text ok ok ok
dependent on a pivot variable
ok ok ok
Rectangular link ok ok ok
Polygon-shaped link ok ok  
Image ok ok ok
dependent on a pivot variable
ok ok ok
different styles, custom styles
ok ok ok
Drop-down list ok ok ok
Embedded web content
dependent on a pivot variable
ok ok ok
RGB control
RGB light source
ok ok ok
RGB image
RGB display on screen
ok ok  
Sliders (simple)
horizontal, vertical
ok ok ok
Sliders (advanced)
tank fill, thermometer style, etc.
ok ok  
moving-coil styles, knob styles
ok ok  
Metering charts
smart meter charts
  with BMS Server ok
Historical data chart   with BMS Server ok
Historical data table   with BMS Server  
Autoscale page     ok



KNX ok ok ok
Multi-protocol   ok ok
Small projects ok ok ok
Medium projects
office building, etc.
  ok ok
Enterprise projects
airports, hospitals, hotels, etc.
  ok ok
Web based solution     ok
Mobile and touch devices     ok
PC based solution ok ok  
OperatorĀ“s desk ok ok