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Control elements

For providing a web based visualization, you can use many different graphical control elements. In addition to labels, buttons, sliders and images, extended elements like Link Area, Multi-Picture, Multi-Internet and RGB Controls can be used.



By drag & drop, data points can easily be linked with control elements. Within short time, you can generate and modify professional visualizations. Using self-created components and master pages, customer-specific layouts can be defined in order to define a customized look & feel. User-defined control elements can be grouped and saved as components in libraries. Using this concept, you can use these components again in other projects. Furthermore, the language of the editor can be changed.


Auto scaling

As every device with standard web browser is usable as a BMS Client, the screen resolution may vary. Therefore, the web based visualization supports auto scaling. You do not have to worry about the required resolution before creating your visualization. The web server dynamically adjusts your visualization to the resolution of the utilized hardware.



Past data point values can be saved by the NETx BMS Server. By using the "Historical Data Chart", historical values can graphically be shown in your web based visualization. The look of these graphs (e.g. type, colour, interpolation mode) can be changed individually. Of course the time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or user-defined) of the view can be adjusted by the end user.


Smart metering

By using the Metering Charts, consumption values of smart meters of the Metering Module of the NETx BMS Server can be collected and visualized in the BMS Clients. Again, the user can freely define the time period of the chart.


Scheduler - Server calendar

Using the embedded calendar module, time based events can be added and modified. According to the given access rights, calendar events can be managed by different users during runtime. Like in other modules, data points of any system are applicable in the calendar. Calendar events are directly saved and organized within the NETx BMS Server. Therefore, your calendar events are processed independent of the clients (on-/offline) as the NETx BMS Server runs as a service in the background.


User administration

Most of the time, different users work with a visualization. Therefore, the users` access rights can be restricted. In addition to the administrator, users with limited rights can be defined. Certain areas of the visualization can individually be shown or hidden for different users.



In combination with the NETx Touch app, web based visualizations can be integrated into a main/backup solution.