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NETx KNX IP Interface v2

Bus powered interface between IP and KNX

The KNXnet/IP interface is used to connect a PC (e.g. BMS server, visualization, ETS, …) to the KNX network. The connection is made through LAN (IP). The IP address can be retrieved from a DHCP server or it can be configured manually (ETS). Power is supplied via the KNX bus.
This device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification using the parts core, device management and tunnelling. The buttons are used for diagnostic purposes. The LEDs indicate the operating status and communication errors on the bus.



KNX IP interface for connecting a PC with a KNX network.



Hardware type

KNX IP Interface
Details KNXnet/IP tunnelling Product-ID: H02.




Version 2

Data sheetETS Database or via ETS online catalogue


Older version

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